My 2-Minute Accountability Habit

It’s easy to feel overwhelm and isolation as a business owner.

If you are dragging your feet on important tasks, procrastinating with different to-do apps and gimmicks, it might be a good idea to find an accountability partner and implement this 2-minute habit.

An accountability partner is basically someone who makes sure that you get the most important stuff done every day. You do the same thing for them as well.

The science also backs all of this, because as people we are more likely to take action if someone is taking note and tracking our goals. I’ve found that if you have an accountability partner it will:

  • Eliminate overwhelm.
  • Destroy self-sabotage.
  • Lock in laser focus.
  • Keep you disciplined and focused long-term.

Plus, you’ll get more done in a few days than most do in a month.

It’ll blow your mind.


Here’s how the 2-minute accountability habit works:


Step 1. Choose an accountability partner

Find someone who is on the same level as you (or higher) and is determined to change their life or business for better.

Note: Make sure that you are super picky when choosing your accountability partner. You need to partner up with someone who is actually committed to holding you accountable.

If you have friends or family members that would make a good accountability partner, seek them out.

Step 2. Set one specific goal

We all have long lists of goals. The problem is, even if we are committed to working hard on our goals, our natural tendency is to revert back to our old habits eventually.

Instead, focus on just on one specific goal. Whatever it ends up being, make sure it’s specific and measurable.

For instance, if your business is making $5k per month, the goal could be making $15k per month.

Step 3. Check in daily

Every morning, shoot your accountability partner a text (or email if that’s preferred), stating your 3 objectives for the day that will get you closer to your goal.

At the end of the day, you text them again how we did (e.g., accomplished 2 things out of 3) and then list our three objectives for the next day.

You do this to eliminate decision fatigue and set ourselves up for a productive next morning. The secret here is to check-in with your accountability partner every day from Monday to Friday.

As with everything, it only works if you actually commit to do it. I guarantee, that this little habit can become the accelerator for your business.