How to Make a Living Doing Something You Care About with Kevin Kelly of Wired

Kevin Kelly is most known for co-founding Wired in 1993. He has written a lot of great books, cofounded all Species Foundation, a non-profit aimed at identifying every living species on Earth as well as Rosetta Project, which is building an archive of all documented human languages. Some questions I ask: Is it possible to make a […]

Bootstrapping a PR platform to 5,000+ customers with Dmitry Dragilev of JustReachOut

Dmitry Dragilev is the founder of, a PR platform that helps 5,000+ small businesses and startups (as well as big ones such as Airbnb, HubSpot,, Nickelodeon) to pitch relevant journalists and get press coverage. In this interview, Dmitry is incredibly honest and transparent about his whole journey and lessons he had to learn the hard […]

Helping Non-Designers Create Online Graphics with Christopher Gimmer of Snappa

Christopher Gimmer is the founder of Snappa, a SaaS app that helps non-designers create online graphics. Snappa has 3,500+ paying customers while bringing in $500,000+ in annual recurring revenue. In this interview we talk how to market anything with a limited budget, advice for people who are looking to find the next big idea, productivity and much […]

How to Grow Your Business One Customer at a Time with Turgay Birand of EditionGuard

Turgay Birand is the founder of EditionGuard, a web based service that protects your eBooks with so you don’t have to worry about piracy and unauthorized distribution. We cover a lot in this interview, including importance of saving money, loneliness as an entrepreneur and how to give your business a best chance of success. Some […]