Helping Non-Designers Create Online Graphics with Christopher Gimmer of Snappa

Christopher Gimmer is the founder of Snappa, a SaaS app that helps non-designers create online graphics. Snappa has 3,500+ paying customers while bringing in $500,000+ in annual recurring revenue. In this interview we talk how to market anything with a limited budget, advice for people who are looking to find the next big idea, productivity and much more.

Some questions I ask:

  • How did you validate your initial business idea?
  • What were the first steps you took to get Snappa off the ground?
  • What were the biggest lessons building a SaaS product as a non-developer?
  • How did you score a partnership with LeadPages?
  • Walk me through your recent work-day

Things we talk about:

  • Building a side-hustle on the side of your main business
  • Competition amongst free stock photo sites
  • Partnerships with big companies
  • Importance of social proof
  • Cash flow over innovation
  • Productivity & work ethic

Links & resources mentioned in the episode

This podcast episode was produced by Oscar Hamilton.

Siimon Sander

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