How To Grow a Podcast?

For many years, I was the person doing the strategy sessions over at Oscar Hamilton for aspiring podcasters and the #1 question that I was asked was: ‘How can I grow my podcast?”

I always used to give marketing advice and specific strategies on how to acquire new listeners through organic & paid mediums. Even though these things can be effective short-term, over the years I’ve learned that there are only two things that really make a podcast succeed long-term.

  • Quality of the content
  • Consistency

Consistency is the easy one. If you aren’t able to put out at least two episodes a month, you are in trouble.

The quality of the content is the hard one. Whether it’s an interview-style podcast or a solo show, it has to be exceptional. Having celebrities or interesting people is great, but how is it different than tens of thousands of other podcasters out there?

Invest your time into making a podcast that you are proud of, where every single episode is well thought out and executed.

This means going the extra mile, planning the content, being thoughtful about the format, time, themes, and even the audio quality.

If you can do that, you’ll show will hit major leagues.