Bootstrapping a PR platform to 5,000+ customers with Dmitry Dragilev of JustReachOut

Dmitry Dragilev is the founder of, a PR platform that helps 5,000+ small businesses and startups (as well as big ones such as Airbnb, HubSpot,, Nickelodeon) to pitch relevant journalists and get press coverage.

In this interview, Dmitry is incredibly honest and transparent about his whole journey and lessons he had to learn the hard way. I really think you’re going to enjoy this!

Some questions I ask:

  • How did you get interested in PR in the first place?
  • After building the product, how did you get your first customers?
  • Tell us about the time when you worked as marketer at Solar and grew it from 0 to 40 million page-views a month?
  • How do you deal with loneliness as an entrepreneur?

Things we talk about:

  • Leaving your ego behind and realizing that you don’t know it all
  • Coming up with the business idea for Just Reach Out
  • Going from charging $5/mo to $695/mo
  • Struggles and challenges with developing a SaaS product
  • Selling your tech product on a “deal” type of site
  • Dealing with loneliness as an entrepreneur

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This podcast episode was produced by Oscar Hamilton.

Siimon Sander

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