Reviewing Site Builders For a Living with Steve Benjamins of Site Builder Report

Steve Benjamins is the founder of Site Builder Report, where he writes in-depth reviews about site builders and the business is making $40k/mo through affiliate sales. Learn how a failed venture started it all.

Some questions I ask:

  • How to know when to give up on an idea?
  • What was the first step you took to launch Site Builder Report?
  • Do you have to be passionate about the niche you go in?
  • How are you marketing your business?
  • How are you able to outcompete GoDaddy and Wix with some Google search terms?
  • What does your typical workday look like?

Things we talk about:

  • Lessons from building a failed website builder
  • Coming up with  the idea for the initial business
  • Tips on getting your online hustle off the ground as fast as possible
  • SEO advice
  • Why you should avoid advice from online communities
  • How to stay productive throughout the day

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